We are two photographers who met in Texas, each with two sons, who adore the relationship between our boys!

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I’m Ashley of Roots 2 Nest Photographs. Documenting the rawness of life has always been a passion of mine, now I have two (mostly) willing participants to shoot every day. When my littlest was born I knew I was going to love documenting the brother relationship. This March I did a month long brother project with Jolyn that we really enjoyed. Eventually Mike Wade of Rural Life Photography joined us and we all had so much fun we decided to do this project monthly and open it up to anyone who wanted to participate! We are so glad you have dropped by our little project page and if you are a photographer who would like to join our project then click here to join 🙂

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Hi, I’m Jolyn Laney. I’ve been a photographer as long as I’ve been a mom and started off documenting my life with my littles. Now I’ve expanded to help other families document their lives through photos. I’ve been married to my main man for 10 years this summer! I love s’mores, roller coasters, retail therapy and mascara!

My brothers became brothers July 2015 and have adored each other ever since!